CNC Tapping and Drilling Center TC-640

CNC Tapping and Drilling Center TC-640

  • Model: TC-540~TC-1000

CNC Tapping and Drilling Center TC-640

Maxtors CNC,Maxtors CNC,Ningbo Maxtors,Maxtors Precision

Worktable Sizemm700×420
Max.Loading on TableKG250
XYZ Travelmm600×400×300
Spindle Nose to Tablemm150-450
Feed System
CNC Controller
XYZ Rapid Feedm/min48
Cutting Feedm/min10
ATC/Tool Magazine 
Tool Capacity
Max.Tool WeightKG3
Max.Tool Lengthmm250
Tool Select Method
Positioning Accuracymm±0.008/300
Re-Positioning  Accuracymm±0.005/300
Spindle Speedrpm20000
Spindle Taper
Spindle MotorKW3.7/5.5
Power requirementsKVA10
Machine Size
Machine Footprintmm2300×1800
Machine Heightmm2400
Machine WeightKG2500

Standard Configuration

● Vertical Type

● Precision BT30 20000rpm Spindle

● Spindle Oil Chiller

● Spindle coolant nozzle system

● 16T Front Mounted type ATC

● XYZ Axis Linear rails

● XYZ Axis Servo Motor

● Telescopic covers for 3 axis

● Fully Enclosed Splash Guard

● Electrical Cabinet Heat Exchanger

● Data transfer interface

● Automatic lubrication system

● Cutting Coolant system

● LED working lamp

● End of program light

● Portable Electronic handwheel (MPG)

● Tool box

● Leveling bolts and blocks

● Cutting air blast system

● CNC Manual & Operation Manual

● Chip flush coolant system

● Water Tank

● Safety door

● Transformer(According to Local Voltage)

● Mitsubishi CNC Controller

Optional Configuration

 BT30 15000/20000rpm Spindle

 Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)

 Electrical Cabinet AC

 14/21T Front Mounted ATC/Tool Magazine system

 Screw type Chip Conveyor system

 Chain type Chip Conveyor system

 The 4th axis rotary table

 The 5th axis Tilting & Rotary table

 Linear Scale

 Auto.Tool Measuring system

 Auto.Workpiece Measuring system

 CE Mark

 Machine Column Heighten

 LNC/Syntec CNC Controller

 FANUC/Siemens/Heidenhain CNC Controller

 Others Options as requested



Model AM08

Class Bluetooth sound box


1 trumpets

1 microphones

Maximum volume 83dB

Bluetooth Bluetooth 4

Bluetooth protocol supports A2DP1.2, HFP1.6, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.4

The transmission distance is about 10m

Interface Micro-USB

Keys to explain 1. touch keys: volume +; volume -; the last tune; the next; Bluetooth pairing; 2. power key.

Indicator 1. red touch control indicator (volume + volume volume; last song; next song); 2. blue touch indicator lamp (Bluetooth pairing, pause / continue, receive / hang up); 3. red power indicator lamp (charging process, low electric alarm prompt); 4. red breathing lamp.

Theoretical power 1.8W

Input power supply 4.75V-5.25V

Charge time<3 hours

Working hours >4 hours

Standby time >24 hours


Size 83mm x 83mm x 80mm

The weight is about 250g

Temperature working temperature: 0 C - +45 C; storage temperature: 0 C - +45 C

Humidity 5% to 95%

Bluetooth hands-free speaker AM08 x 1

Charge line x 1

User guide x 1